What Do I Need for a Long Stay in Hospital?

Going into hospital and want to make your stay as comfortable as possible? Read our handy guide to what to pack, buy and how to prepare yourself for a long stay.

This week’s blog is inspired by a really useful article we were sent by social media manager and multiple-surgery survivor Bryonie a.k.a. 30 New Things Blogger.


Make Yourself Comfortable

Whether it’s for an overnight stay or a prolonged period of time, sleeping on a hospital bed, eating hospital meals and simply negotiating the rules of the ward (not to mention the open-backed gowns) can be very daunting, particularly when you’re recovering from illness or surgery. Bryonie’s brilliant blog recommends taking everything from ear plugs and eye masks, to knitting, some good books and plenty of healthy and nutritious snacks to keep in the bedside cabinet.

Not drinking enough in hospital is a common problem, so an over the bed water bottle or a non spill drinking cup can be a great solution to this.  If you’re bandaged or struggling with upper body mobility eating from the bed tray can be tricky to negotiate – so a plate guard can prevent food from slipping off the plate.



Hospital Gowns

We all know that they’re not going to make it to the catwalk anytime soon but if you’re staying in hospital for a longer period you might want to invest in a hospital gown of your own (or two!) then you’re free to change and stay fresh on your own terms.  Again it’s not glamorous, but buying a few pairs of discreet underwear or incontinence briefs to keep in your cabinet can make the world of difference in terms of independent personal hygiene when the ward is busy.



Being Discharged

Leaving hospital can be a bit daunting, particularly if you need to continue your care at home or adapt your house for your post-surgery requirements.  Making sure you’re mentally and physically prepared is key and that’s where we at Mediworld can help.


Investing in or hiring a wheelchair to help with short term mobility, or preparing a bedroom to sleep in downstairs, is a great idea.  Buying a few accessories like an over bed tray or table or foam leg raiser or a simple ring cushion to make sitting more comfortable, can be money well spent.  Or if you have bandages or dressings, something as small as a waterproof cast cover and bandage protector will mean you can easily shower or bathe yourself.


In over 40 years of supplying medical aids and equipment to the public, we’ve met a huge amount of people who’ve had to spend time in hospital, so we like to think we’ve picked up a few tips on what you need to take to make your stay just that bit more comfortable. Why not give us a call or visit our website where you’ll find lots of advice and essentials to help make your stay in hospital, and your recovery at home, all the more comfortable.

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